An independent auditing of Self-managed Superannuation Funds is a compulsory requirement that verifies Funds are complying with the legislations and qualify for the concessions that a Fund is entitled to. 
At SMSF Audits Direct we offer SMSF audit services for small, start-up funds to large and complex SMSFs with multiple investments.  We can complete audits of your full client list, or undertake audits on a one-off bas

SMSF audits direct services

Other Audit Services

 We offer a full range of service solutions including:

  • External Audits
  • Compliance audits 
  • Risk management 
  • Process improvements 

Our audit commitment is based on a complete understanding of you and your business - your industry, your operating environment, your corporate goals, accounting systems and most importantly, your people.

Our experience and insight means we can develop targeted audit plans specific to your business needs.  It also means we can focus on new opportunities and dynamic solutions to enhance performance and profitability.

If you need any of the above other audit services please contact